7 Different Colors to Use in Your Home and How They Make You Feel ...

Have you ever considered the colors to use in your home in light of how they can make you feel? The truth is that every color is going to give off a vibe that you will unconsciously or perhaps consciously pick up on. This is something to consider when you are choosing colors to use in your home. It can change the whole environment of a room or the complete home.

1. Yellow

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Yellow is bright and sunny and that is usually how it makes us feel. If you feel like you need a pop of this brilliant color, it can be helpful in lifting your spirits. You might want to consider using this in a sunroom, a kitchen or an art studio. If you feel like you could use the boost of mood-lifting powers that yellow gives but don’t think you can take a whole room decorated in this color, try little pops of it. There are many colors to use in your home that can be effective in small ways such as by adding a vase or throw pillows.

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