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I love home dΓ©cor. Homeownership has seriously inspired by nesting instincts. The problem is that dΓ©cor is kind of expensive. You see all these gorgeous items from places like Anthropologie or even Bed Bath & Beyond and IKEA, and they're sooo expensive! I mean, they're expensive whether you've got a mortgage or just rent to worry about, which means that sometimes, you have to get a little clever. A little inventive. A little DIY-ish. You need to become besties with a variety of affordable home dΓ©cor hacks – like these!

1. Add Pantry Shelves to a Blank Wall

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Storage is one of the biggest problems most people have. There's just never enough. You don't have to fill your home with bulky, ugly, or obtrusive shelves, though. Put pantry doors up on a blank wall and you instantly have extra storage.

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