7 Decorating Trends That You'll Totally Love ...

Do you follow decorating trends? Until last year, I hadn’t really considered them. Watching this years’ big shows, though, it seems that ranges really are influenced by the biggest decorating trends, so looking out for the ones that you love can lead to you finding some amazing hidden treasures. It’s coming up to decorating season, so here are the top trends recapped:

1. Interchangeable Accents

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One of 2014’s biggest decorating trends is to opt for a neutral base palette and update it with big-impact accents. Think bright pink rugs, neon orange cushions, jewel-covered lampshades…whatever big trends you are loving, it’s effortless to mix up your accessories, and you don’t need to worry about the walls. Just pick a neutral palette that you really love, and hold a few different colours up to the paint to ensure that it look great regardless of the colour. Then get searching out bold accessories!

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