7 Cute Woodland DIY Craft Ideas ...

Woodland DIY craft ideas and rustic themes have been very popular for weddings, but they are also trending in home decor. From nurseries to living rooms, woodland DIY craft ideas aren’t just for seasonal decorating either. You can create wreaths, terrariums, bookends; if there is an adorable forest animal or a cute little toadstool you like, put them in your DIY craft and you have your woodland theme! Here are a few of my favorite ideas, which one will you try?

1. Woodland Wreath

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This woodland DIY craft idea works for any time of year and if you want it to be more seasonal or have a holiday theme as well, you can just add a few extra accessories to it. I love this moss toadstool wreath over on pleasenotepaper.com; blogger Elizabeth not only DIY’d the wreath but she made the toadstools too! There are also a variety of Spring and Fall ideas.

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