7 Cute Ways to Personalize Your Work Desk ...

There are a ton of reasons why you should personalize your work desk. For one thing, studies have shown that those who take the time to personalize their workspace, or really any area that they work in and occupy for a long time, have a higher chance of success. This is because they’re almost nesting, and they show that they feel comfortable where they are! And we all know that you work better when you’re comfy. So here are 7 cute ways to personalize your work desk!

1. Desk Accessories

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Never underestimate the power of desk accessories to personalize your work desk. Because having a pen holder that you actually like, or a cute little cat that holds up your Post-It notes (my office buddy found hers at Target and it’s super cute), will make you a little happier and smile a bit more, especially on those dreaded Mondays.

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