Rosie the Riveter Costume and Other Easy Yet Fab DIYs ...

As soon as the calendar goes from September to October, I get unbelievably excited for Halloween. I love Halloween. The spookiness, the crisp fall air, the nostalgia of Halloweens past… I just love it! Sometimes costumes can be hard to come up with, so if you’re a busy babe, worry not! Here is a Rosie the Riveter costume and other easy costume DIYs to bring you the ultimate inspiration**.**

1. Rosie the Riveter

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Who doesn't love a strong independent and wonderful woman nowadays?! We all do, which is why this **Rosie the Riveter costume* is absolutely perfect. It's easy to throw together and there's tons of inspiration online about what you can do. Plus you can dress it up with heels or go more authentic with some boots.

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