7 Cute Decoupage Ideas That Will Brighten Your Home ...

Decoupage ideas don't really take much inspiration or effort once you get the ball rolling. I started doing this as a way of making old furniture look great again, and then it sort of became a therapeutic activity. I like crafting, but I am not really the arty type, so decoupage works well for me. Here are some cute decoupage ideas that can brighten your home.

1. Side Tables

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I began the whole decoupage ideas snowball with a side table that was driving me mad. I subscribe to History Today and BBC History magazines, so I had a shed load of amazing pictures to use. From Martin Luther King to Anne Boleyn, pretty much all manner of historical figures now adorn my side table. This is a great medium-sized project to start off with. If you're not feeling comfortable, you may want to try something smaller.

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