12 Creatively Unique DIY Pumpkin Craft Projects ...

Looking for a way to decorate your home this autumn in a unique way? Look no further because we have here amazingly creative DIY Pumpkin Craft Projects. These** pumpkin DIYs**, take note, are not your usual "carved fruit" projects. We have here a list of creative ways to make pumpkins using materials that are not pumpkins, categorically and botanically speaking. With the help of these DIY pumpkin crafts, your home will no doubt look lovely this season.

1. No-Sew Sweater Pumpkin

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The part that says "no-sew" has stolen my heart. Don't you just love easy and chic craft projects? To make this DIY pumpkin, you will need an old sweater, scissors, elastics, plastic bags, and ribbon. Check out the link for the complete tutorial.


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