7 Creative Easter Egg Projects the Artsy Girl Needs to Try ...

Spring is here and so is Easter, along with all those fantastic Easter egg projects. For some reason, spring and Christmas are my favorite times to do DIY projects. Easter eggs are a great way to work those creative juices, but it is always sad when you have to throw all that hard work away. Thankfully, there are some great Easter egg projects that don't use real eggs, that means we can keep them around for years to come.

1. Game of Thrones Easter Egg

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This is, by far, my favorite Easter egg project ever. Who does not like Game of Thrones, right? Now, you can have your own GoT dragon egg for Easter. I made these last year for friends and family who like the books/show. It was a massive hit. The best thing about these is that you make them with metal so they have the weight of dragon eggs as well. Seriously the coolest. DIY. ever.

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