7 Cool State Art DIY Projects to Try ...

I love state art; it’s a great way to show love for your own state, one you moved away from, or to give as a gift to a long distance friend or loved one. There are so many unique state art DIY projects that use different mediums to create the state; from maps and silhouettes, to string art and glitter ... well you know my favorite saying, the possibilities are endless! Whether you are looking for something rustic, chic, or girly, I have some great state art DIY projects you are going to love.

1. String Art

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I think my next post is going to be all about string art, it makes me so happy every time I see a new idea using it! One of my favorite state art DIY projects is made with string art, which I hope to make some day! I love the ones that have the little hearts in the center of the state like this one, designcrushblog.com, cute right? The easiest way to start this is to print out the shape of your state for your outline, or use a map! DIY project for next weekend? I think so!

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