7 Colours for 7 Rooms ...

When decorating a home and making it your very own, it can be difficult to consider which are the best colours for which room. But did you know, despite personal preference, many colours evoke certain feelings? These should be considered when selecting the best colours for your castle. Before you make your bed-room and lie in it, consider these colour combinations and their subconscious connotations and which are the best colours for your home.

1. It’s All Yellow

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Let’s start off with a practical room, and which are the best colours for a study or office. Forget cowardice, yellow is the colour of the mind, happiness and intellect. Yellow is also the colour of optimism and cheer. This is the best colour for an office as it will inspire your mental strength. You don’t have to be brash; some yellow daffodils and scattered cushions in a white room will add some optimism and charm.

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