7 Chic DIY Ear Cuffs for a Unique and Edgy Look ...

Non-pierced earlobes should not limit your accessorizing options so we give you these fabulous DIY ear cuffs. These DIY ideas are chic and oh-so-easy to do. I promise you that you will love most if not all of these handmade DIY ear cuffs. You will end up making several for you and several more to give to your best friends.

1. Feathers and Beads

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How beautiful is this DIY ear cuff? Not only am I in love with the teardrop shaped beads, I think the feathers lend these a darling Boho vibe, too. To make these, you will need only pliers, wires, beads, and of course, the feathers. The beads and feathers can come in any color that you like. Go for neon if you want something loud and fun.

Tutorial Source: lakukita.wordpress.com

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