7 Charming and Stylish DIY Capes or Ponchos ...

Thinking that you could use a new DIY cape in your wardrobe? We have just the right tutorials and styles for you. These DIY poncho projects are perfect for all levels of crafters. Most of these will require the use of a sewing machine but the stitches and steps are really quite simple. We're sure you'd be able to construct one cute DIY cape using one of the tutorials below:

1. Studded

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Now this is a DIY cape that will make Little Red Riding Hood jealous. Not only is this red cape gorgeous, it is easy to make as well. In fact, it requires no sewing whatsoever. Basically, it requires only cutting, attaching the studs, and gluing the front closure. To make your own, you will need a large fleece blanket, a leather buckle, studs, and industrial glue.

Source: apairandasparediy.com

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