7 Beautifully Clever Ways to Craft with Vintage Doilies ...

Vintage doilies bring to mind the musty and somewhat oppressive atmosphere of your grandparents' attics. You may wrinkle your nose at how old-fashioned they look, but they make for wonderful craft materials. In fact, there are many things you can do with old vintage doilies. Here are seven to start:

1. Turn Doilies into a Pendant Lamp

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This DIY doily lamp is so pretty, it hurts to look at it. On top of the obvious beauty, this pretty doily pendant lamp is also very easy to make. It's only a simple matter of wrapping a balloon with vintage doilies, dousing them with watered down white glue, and letting them dry. After that, the balloon was popped and a light kit was inserted on top.

Source: emmmylizzzy.blogspot.com

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