7 Beautiful and Unique Drawer Pulls and Cabinet Handles That You Can DIY ...

Tired of how your drawers or dresser look? If you have been itching to do some furniture update, something as simple as switching the drawer pulls can be your best move. And because we support all sorts of crafty pursuits, we don't suggest that you buy new drawer pulls. We want you to give the following DIY drawer pulls a try. These are so easy to make and incredibly budget-friendly. Who knows, you might already have the items needed to make the following DIY dresser pulls. Take a look and enjoy your furniture DIY project!

1. Toys

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Got plastic or rubber animal toys forgotten by the little boys in your family? Don't throw them away just yet. You can use them to update the look of your dresser. This project will require hanger bolts, washer and nuts, drill, and gorilla glue. If you want to change the color of the toys, you will need spray paint as well.

Source: apartmenttherapy.com

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