7 Awesome Things You Can Make Using Old Pringles Cans ...

Don't you just love craft projects that call for the use of trash? If you do, I am sure that you will enjoy the following Pringles Cans DIY ideas. You just stumbled upon fantastic reasons to stock up on the junk food. Check out the following DIYs and save all Pringles cans you can find in the house. Happy recycling!

1. Gift Wrap Organizer

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One of the many things you can make using old Pringles cans is a gift wrap organizer. This is a simple painting and gluing project. You clean several Pringles containers, spray paint them in any color you like, and then glue them together upright. You can also, of course, use wrapping paper for this project, instead of paint.

Source: vorstellungvonschoen.blogspot.de

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