7 Awesome Industrial DIY Projects to Try ...

You may be asking yourself, “What are industrial DIY projects?” Well, an industrial project may be something that looks like it came from an industrial factory. It’s raw and it’s rustic. Industrial DIY projects may include pipes, wood, metal, or all three combined. You can create tables, benches, shelves, storage units, home decor accessories, and much more from these materials; the possibilities are endless, as I like to say! Here are a few of my favorite ideas, and please be sure to share some of yours with us as well...

1. Industrial Shelves

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This is one of the most industrial DIY projects trending on Pinterest right now. I have seen so many cool industrial shelf ideas from DIY bloggers. I love this decor idea from beneathmyheart.net, where she left some space open in between the shelving unit to hang her son’s guitars. They also make a great idea for built-ins for those spaces you just aren’t sure what to do with. If you are thinking that industrial shelves have to have pipes, they don’t! The ladies of Knock It Off on the livewellnetwork.com will show you how to build them using wood and metal framing!

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