11 Awesome Duct Tape Crafts to Try Today ...

There is no shortage of creativity in the world using a plethora of materials, of which duct tape crafts are a large part. Duct tape can be used in a variety of ways. Who knows when the first duct tape craft came about? One thing is for certain with regards to this particular form of creative expression: as the trend grows ever more popular, makers of duct tape are producing an increasingly cute line of colorful and printed duct tapes. The variety of duct tape crafts is pretty lengthy. I share with you awesome duct tape creations to try today.

1. Beads

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Beads are the easiest of duct tape crafts you can create. They are also very versatile. Grab a roll or two and craft a few dozen of these cute oval shaped beauties. String them together in a necklace or other jewelry. You can use them to make key chains or other decorations, too. Duct tape beads top our list because they are quick, cute, and easy to make. Just don't squish them!

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