Apartment Upgrades βœ… for under $50 πŸ’° for Girls Sprucing up Their Homes 🏑 ...

Is your apartment or dorm room looking a bit grey or shabby after the winter? Spring is a time for throwing out the old and bringing in the new but we don’t all have the time and money to redecorate an entire room or apartment. A few well-chosen pieces for a few dollars can seriously upgrade your space from drab to fab and get you in that ready-for-summer mood. Check out these fab apartment upgrades for under $50:

1. Spruce up the Bathroom with a Matching Towel Collection

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I feel like one of the milestones in having and sprucing up your own home is finally having a matching bath towel set! Having matching towels rather than old mixed ones immediately makes your bathroom feel that bit more classy!

$49.99 at shop.nordstrom.com

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