Amp up Your Style Game with These DIY Wrap Bracelets ...

DIY wrap bracelet are fantastic craft projects for the stylish. Not only are they easy to make, they come in many designs, too. Basically, there is a DIY wrap bracelet for just about any type of fashionista. Whether you prefer beaded accessories or you like to rock leather and metal, you will love the following DIY wrap bracelets. Enjoy and happy making!

1. Studded Belt

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How pretty is this DIY wrap bracelet? This handmade wrist accessory is actually Givenchy-inspired. That's not the best part about this project, though. The best part is that this used to be a belt. Don't you just love DIY ideas that are both clever and stylish? Apart from the belt, this project also calls for paper fasteners or studs, and a leather puncher. Yes, you can still use the belt for keeping your pants up even after giving it the studs treatment.


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