7 Adorable Sailboat Craft Projects That You Can Make ...

It may still be the middle of winter where you are but it's never too early to think of warm weather DIYs, such as sailboat-themed craft projects. We have here a list of said sailboat projects for toys and home dรฉcor. They will not teach you how to make an actual sea vessel, sure, but they are not lacking in terms of cuteness. And when it comes to DIY, sometimes, cute goes a long way. Especially when it feels like that summer is still a lifetime away.

1. Twig & Branch

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This is one sailboat craft project that you will want to make right after finding branches in your yard. Seriously, look at how cute that is. If you have stripes fabric in white and navy blue lying around, it would be perfect for the sails. To attach them to the branch boat, you will need eyelet screws. The middle twig was attached by drilling the branch and hot gluing said twig to the hole.

Source: houseofhawthornes.com

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