7 Adorable Knitted Animal Toys to Make for Your Child ...

Knitted toys are a fabulous gift for a small child. You don't need amazing skills with needles to make a toy, and your child will love it. What's more, you can personalise the colors to make a unique cuddly toy for your little one. Try these adorable knitted toys that your child will love playing with .…

1. Pansy Panda

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Here's the first of the knitted toys that you will love to make. I had a panda when I was young, although he wasn't called Pansy J. This cute little panda can be personalised by knitting a bow in your child's favorite color. If you're feeling clever you could even make her a pretty dress to wear - or an entire wardrobe.

Tutorial source: knittingwithoutanet.wordpress.com

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