7 Adorable DIY Tents to Make for Your Kids This Summer ...

Camping is always a good idea. But for those who simply have no time to make the trip, a DIY solution is at hand. We suggest making a DIY tent that you and your kids can play or camp in. There are several ways to make your very own living room or yard tent. Here are fun tutorials to get you started.

1. No-sew Teepee

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How pretty! This is a DIY tent that will be perfect for your kids' play room. This is a no-sew project, too, so it should be quite easy to construct. Basically, you will need only long wooden poles, strong string, strips of fabric, and thumb tacks. Around five wooden poles would be perfect for this project. We also recommend using fabric strips with different prints.

Source: welivedhappilyeverafter.com

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