8 Projects for a Beautiful DIY Necklace ...


DIY necklace projects are a lot of fun, as you can make something totally original.

Crafts are making a big comeback (if they ever went away), and making jewelry is a fantastic way of adding style to any outfit.

So here are some great DIY necklace projects for you to have fun with …

1. Fabric Tube Necklace

Fabric Tube Necklace

The first of the DIY necklace projects is this intriguing piece.

Would you have thought of making a necklace out of fabric?

Well, you can make them out of all sorts of materials!

The beauty of making a necklace is that it needs very little fabric, so is ideal for using up scraps.

2. Rosette Necklace

Rosette Necklace

This is a bit more ambitious, but isn't it gorgeous?2

It'll take a bit more time to make than the first project, but if you've got the patience then you'll end up with a necklace that will grab attention.

You'll be very proud of your work when you wear this piece!

3. Bib Necklace

Bib Necklace

This is a little bit similar to the second necklace, but has a different structure.

It's the kind of necklace that demands a plain dress to show it at its best.

There is also plenty of scope to be creative with the colours and contrasts of the materials used for the necklace.

4. Sewn Necklace

Sewn Necklace

Wow - isn't this a real stunner?

Nobody will ever guess that you made it yourself!

As DIY necklace projects go, this one is definitely impressive.

Don't be put off and think it's too difficult though.

You'll end up with a real statement piece that will be a knockout at parties.

5. Necklace Therapy

Necklace Therapy

Reusing fabric from old garments is a great idea - not only do you get free materials to make something new, but it also avoids throwing away something you no longer need.

Look in your closet for unwanted garments, and try this project - you'll get a lovely new necklace for nothing!2

Fabric Jewelry Project
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