12 Insanely Adorable DIY Sock Toys ...


'Tis the season for snuggles so we give you here the most adorable DIY sock toys to cuddle with.

Because aside from cuddling with cute toys, we also love recycling projects.

So take out those socks you've never worn or the forlorn socks in the laundry room with no partners and whip up some of these cute DIY sock creatures.

Happy sewing!

1. Dog


Aww, look at him!

He's even making cute puppy eyes.

To make this little cutie, you will be needing only one sock.2

You will also need buttons, stuffing, felt, and fleece fabric.

Check out Cut Out and Keep for the complete tutorial.

2. Monkey


These are bursting with cute, too.

Unlike the first DIY sock toy, you will be needing a pair of crew length socks to make one monkey.

From the blog: Since the sock is stretched after stuffed, thick sock yields better quality than thin sock.

3. Cow


Not only do I love the pink, gray, and white colors of these adorable cows, I love the way the cuffs were utilized as feet, too.

Of course, the general cuteness is also a good thing.

4. Bunny


These sock bunny tutorial is brought to us by the talented Ashley of Lil Blue Boo.

Ashley shares: All you need is some nice knee high socks and some simple sewing supplies.

I sewed mine on a machine but they can be easily hand stitched too!

I am on a hand sewing kick lately so I might give these a go.

5. Snow Dude

Snow Dude

Sure Christmas is over but it might still be snowing in your part of the world.2

If you want to make a snowman but you don't relish the thought of stepping out, white socks are your best friends.

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