7. Lotion Bars for Eczema Relief

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Being an eczema sufferer myself, I can totally sympathize with something that delivers soothing relief.


1 cup organic virgin unrefined coconut oil

ΒΌ cup organic oats

1 tsp Manuka honey

2 tsp vitamin E oil


Manuka honey is very expensive but it is incredible and you’ll find so many uses for it.

To make:

Melt the coconut oil and honey together in a bowl over gently boiling water.

While it is melting, grind your oats into a fine powder.

Add this powder into the melted mixture.

Stir until it is all combined.

Add the vitamin E oil and mix again.

Pour mix into molds or ice cube trays and freeze.2

When hard you can pop a couple into a warm bath or rub one all over straight after a shower.

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