10. In-Shower Exfoliating Lotion Bar

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Exfoliating is a must for me when it comes to preventing razor burn shaving my legs, so this is perfect to use when I do shave. It's moisturizing as well as smoothing so I come out with amazing feeling legs!


3-4 oz Cocoa Butter

3- 4 oz Shea Butter

1/2 cup Rice

1/4 cup (or more) Cocoa Almonds or Raw Almonds

Silicone or Plastic Soap Molds

To Make:

Why cocoa almonds? Why not! I had them in the house and figured they would add a little more exfoliation since they are drier than raw almonds. Plus, they smell heavenly! Before I got started, I set up a makeshift double boiler with the sauce pan filled about halfway with water and placed a shallow glass bowl on top. I turned the stove on medium-low heat. I then measured out 3 - 4 oz of cocoa butter and Shea butter using my kitchen scale. I don't think it's quite necessary to use exactly the same amount of butters when making this lotion bar. I placed the butters in my makeshift double boiler and they slowly started to melt. I wouldn't worry about mixing the butters while they are melting because they do a pretty good job of melting evenly on their own. While the butters were melting on the stovetop, I ground the rice and coco almonds in a food processor. This is the point where you decide how fine or rough you're going to chop these little pieces that will eventually be falling down your shower drain. A rougher chop means more exfoliation. When the butters are melted, carefully pour them into a smaller container like a glass measuring cup. This will make it easier to pour the mixture into the molds. Add the dry ingredients to the melted butters and mix. At first, the heavier dry ingredients like the almonds will fall to the bottom and the rice will float to the top. The mixture is NOT ready until everything is even. If after you stir everything and there is a layer of butters at the top, the mixture is not ready. You can speed up the process by cooling the mixture in the fridge and stirring it every 5 minutes or so. Be careful not to let it set completely though. However, if this happens, you can easily soften or melt it again in the microwave. When the mixture has cooled enough and everything is even, pour it into your choice of molds. I used basic soap molds and a silicone tray mold to make smaller pieces for the kitchen sink. Place your molds in the freezer to speed up the hardening process and they should be ready in about 10 minutes. They will easily pop out of the molds when they look shiny!

Are you going to try any of these fab lotion bars at home? Let us know in the comments!

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