8 Fabulous DIY Belt Projects to Undertake ...


If you can’t find the perfect belt in the stores, then why not try making a DIY belt?

It’s much easier than you might have thought, and many projects are really quick to complete as well.

So they’re ideal if your sewing skills aren’t up to making garments, or you’re too impatient and want quick results.

Here are some fabulous DIY belt projects for you to make …

1. Designer Inspired Belt

Designer Inspired Belt

If you’re a fan of Alice Temperley’s designs, then you’ll love this DIY belt based on one of her catwalk creations.

Make it in a contrast colour to wear over coats and dresses – it would look stunning in a red ribbon against a black outfit.

I’m planning to make one in black to wear with my grey leopard print coat.

2. D Ring Belt

D Ring Belt

If you’re looking for a belt that’s easily adjustable (holes never seem to be in the right place!), then this is the project for you.

It can be made in a variety of fabrics and patterns, so you could have one to match every outfit!

Plus it’s really cheap to make as well.

3. Obi Belt

Obi Belt

How about adding a touch of Japanese style to your outfit?2

Obi belts are wide fabric belts that look fantastic over a dress.

Make a plain one to match a print dress, or vice versa – once you’ve tried this pattern you’ll want a belt to match every dress you own!

They would also make a beautiful gift for friends, who would appreciate something personalised.

4. Hip Belt

Now here’s a really smart idea!

There are times when you need somewhere to keep a bit of cash, but don’t want to carry a bag or wallet.

And let’s face it, fanny packs just aren´t cool.

So a clever crafter has come up with this hip belt, with a concealed pocket to hide your cash.

What a great idea!

Braided Belt
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