8 DIY Fimo Clay Jewelry- Making Projects ...


DIY jewelry projects are a totally fun way to make use of your free time and explore your hidden talents while doing what most of us girls love the most – stocking up on accessories! Plenty of different techniques to experiment with, too and at least one that lets you start from scratch and just do whatever you feel like doing – Fimo! Don’t know if you’ve tried it before but definitely do in case this fun technique has managed to escape your attention so far. And here are a few awesome Fimo clay tutorials to help you figure out how to make Fimo Jewelry:

1. Cute Halloween Bear Pendants


Oh my! I always wanted to celebrate Halloween and now I want it even more! This fun holiday is less than a month away which leaves you plenty of time to find a perfect costume as well as make some totally cute Halloween-themed gifts! Take a peek at this interesting Fimo clay tutorial and get busy making little Halloween bear pendants, bracelets charms or earrings for all of your friends!

Starbucks Charms
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