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You can recreate all the fun of the fair with DIY carnival games.2

It's always fun to go to a party with games, whatever your age.

If you're having a themed party you can set the games up to co-ordinate with that theme, otherwise just go bright and colorful.

Ready to flex your crafting muscles with some great ideas for DIY carnival games?

1. The Kissing Booth

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This is such a cute variation on the traditional kissing booth.

Guessing quantities of whatever in whatever containers is always going to be among the easiest DIY carnival games to create at home.

2. Water Balloon Basketball


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So easy if you've already got a hoop in your yard.2

3. Ring Toss


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I think plastic bottles weighted with sand or rice would be a better choice than glass, especially if kids will be playing.

4. Ping Pong Toss


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When it comes to DIY carnival games, there are just sooo many ways to set up a ping pong toss.

5. Bullseye


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Make target from felt and fix a strip of Velcro around ping pong balls.

6. Balloon Darts


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Don't play this indoors.

You'll have dart dents in your walls and floors.2

7. Bean Bag Toss


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Like ping pong toss, bean bag toss is one of the easiest DIY carnival games to create.

8. Mini Stilts


Fun for kids and adults (sober or not).

9. Tin Can Alley


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You need minimal crafting skills to set up a cup version of tin can alley.

10. Potty Toss


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An, erm, interesting update to the bean bag toss.

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