9 Darling DIY Holiday Greeting Card Holders ...


I'm sure you have received several holiday greeting cards by now.

To help you keep your home organized, we have here DIY Holiday Greeting Card Holders.

Just like many DIYs I like to feature, most of these DIY greeting card holders are fantastic recycling projects.

And yes, they're very easy to make, too.

Happy crafting!

1. Ribbon


Looking for a DIY holiday greeting card holder that will be very easy to stash away come January?

Then this ribbon idea is for you.

Aside from the easy storage factor, this craft project is fantastic because you can design/embellish it in so many ways.

2. Wood Pallet + Twine Star

Wood Pallet + Twine Star

This particular DIY Christmas card holder is not as easy to store as the first but it's a wonderful idea nonetheless.

I love this because it's a great way to recycle wood pallets.

Of course, if you can't find wood pallets, you can also use wood from the hardware store nearest you.

3. Wire Frame

Wire Frame

This is probably one of the easiest ways to display your Christmas cards this season.

Take a photo frame, remove the backing, attach wires like a clothesline, and clip the cards to said wire using wooden clips.

Easy and affordable!

4. Patchwork Tree

Patchwork Tree

How cute!

If you happen to have lots of scrap fabrics in reds, greens, and Christmas prints, you will want to consider making this tree-shaped card holder.2

The base used for the tutorial was plywood but if you're making a slightly smaller version I think cardboard will work, too.

5. Painted Canvas

Painted Canvas

Pre-stretched canvases come in many sizes.

Get a good-sized square or rectangular one, paint it in a Christmas motif, and hot glue clips along the border.

The link below is not a tutorial but you can easily replicate the idea using materials found at the craft store.

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