9 Cute Ways to Upcycle around Your House ...


How good at recycling are you;

do you have a long list of ways to upcycle at home?

If you are anything like me, you give it a good go.

I separate out my recycling from my rubbish, I recycle plastic, try to reuse metal and I’m always donating bags of clothes and toys to charity.

But how about recycling at home?

I’ve recently found some amazing ways to upcycle at home, and here are my favorites…

1. Toilet Storage

Okay, so that sounds a little strange, but the idea is the same!

Find a box that’s roughly the same height as a toilet roll.

Next, collect up some empty toilet rolls.

I’ve found the average box will hold about 12 toilet rolls, arranged in a simple 6 x 3 grid.

Now you can use them for storage!

I started folding up cables and cords into mine, but you can use them for almost anything.2

I’ve made a very cool ribbon storage system for crafting, too!

This is one of my favorite ways to upcycle at home.

Make a Lunch Box
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