10 Cute DIY Turkey Crafts ...


I know it's still the 2nd of November but time is very sneaky so you should get started on those DIY Turkey Crafts right away.

We are here to help.

Most of the DIY turkey crafts we have here are for kids, making these projects perfect for teaching the little ones about Thanksgiving.

We also have several turkey inspired crafts here that will be great for decorating your home (and your wardrobe!) for the holiday.

1. Felt Turkey

Felt Turkey

How cute is this DIY turkey toy?

If your kids love to play "kitchen" or "restaurant," you can make this felt turkey for them.

Playing with it would sure keep them occupied while you prepare for the big Thanksgiving dinner.

2. Yarn Centerpiece

Yarn Centerpiece

For this particular DIY turkey craft, the kids (or adults) in the family will write what they are thankful for on each feather paper.

The turkey itself will be crafted out of Styrofoam balls and yarn.

After you assemble everything, you can then use the turkey as a centerpiece.

3. Thankful Styrofoam Ball

Thankful Styrofoam Ball

The idea behind this DIY turkey craft project is to be able to list down the things that you're thankful for as well.

This is great for teaching kids about gratitude.

For the body of the turkey, you will no longer be needing yarn.

You will simply paint the Styrofoam balls in brown.

4. Turkey Hoops

Turkey Hoops

How cute!

This is the same DIY turkey craft featured on the top photo of this post.

To make this, you will be needing embroidery hoops in two sizes, burlap, felt, glue gun, and scissors.

If you don't have burlap, any brown fabric will do.

5. Burnt Pin

Burnt Pin

If you look closely, you will notice that the pin above is a teeny turkey.2

But because it's supposed to be burnt, the color is dark brown.

Very cute, right?

You will need polymer clay, long-stemmed pin, and gold paint for this fun project.

Turkey Lantern
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