10 Beautiful DIY Thanksgiving Wreaths ...


Let's celebrate the coming of November with this list of DIY Thanksgiving Wreaths.

The DIY Thanksgiving wreaths we have here will be fantastic for decorating your door or even your mantel.

Some of these are easy recycling projects that will require cheap materials.

Others are a tad complicated but just as fun to make.

Hope you like these ideas for DIY Thanksgiving wreaths!

1. Sunburst Corn Husk

Sunburst Corn Husk

Who would have thought that corn husk can be used to achieve a delightful Mid-Century modern look?

To make this wreath, you simply wrap the corn husk in a sunburst manner around a wreath form.

Hang and enjoy!

2. Thankful Frame

Thankful Frame

How beautiful!

This is a simple DIY Thanksgiving wreath that you can construct using items that you probably already have in your home.2

My favorite part of this wreath is the frame with the message.

3. Clothespin


How clever!

To make this fun clothespin wreath, you will need a circular wire base and wooden clothespins painted in fun fall colors.

You pin the clothespins around the wreath base and write the things or names of people that you're grateful for.

4. Grapevine + Free Printable

Grapevine + Free Printable

The simple how-to after the link shows you a way to give a plain grapevine wreath a fall-appropriate makeover.

I love the chenille roses that Kirsten made for this wreath.2

Pretty, right?

Also pretty awesome: she provided a free printable for the Give Thanks sign.

5. Burlap Scrabble

Burlap Scrabble

How beautiful and festive!

I am loving the combination of the rustic burlap and girly pink and orange fabrics used in this wreath.

Of course, I am also all sorts of in love with the use of the scrabble tiles.

6. Yarn Turkey

Yarn Turkey

This is another DIY Thanksgiving wreath idea that you can make using burlap.2

Instead of fabric rosettes, though, you will be embellishing the burlap wreath with felt flowers.

And a turkey made of yarn.

Seriously, this turkey is the cutest.

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