10 Awesome DIY Advent Calendars ...


DIY Advent Calendars are some of the holiday crafts that I suggest you do this week.


Because a DIY advent calendar will get you more excited about the holiday season, thus, making it easier for you to think of other Christmas decor.

And also because these DIY advent calendars are quick and fun craft projects.


1. Crate and Balls

Crate and Balls

To make this cute DIY advent calendar, you will need a vintage soda crate, tree ornaments, and foam numbers.

You simply glue the numbers to the Christmas balls and then display them in the crate.


2. Painted Bottles

Painted Bottles

Got lots of bottles and jars?

Instead of letting them gather dust in your garage, you can take them out, paint them green (or red or silver), and use them as components of your advent calendar.

If you use chalkboard paint, you can write the numbers directly on the bottles and jars.

3. Buckets


How fun!

These tiny tin buckets are sold in dollar stores.

For this craft project, you will also need number stickers, a piece of wood, some paint, and other embellishments.

The great thing about this idea is that you can make your version follow any holiday color theme you may have in your home.

4. Magnetic Metal Tins

Magnetic Metal Tins

If you can't find tiny buckets but there is an abundance of metal tins in the craft store nearest you, this DIY advent calendar idea is for you.

This tutorial is brought to us by Twig &

Thistle and they were gracious enough to provide us with a template of the numbers.2

5. Pillow


If you're in the mood for a DIY advent calendar that you can sew, you can go for this fun pillow case tutorial.

The numbers on this pillow case were stamped but you can choose to embroider them.2

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