10 Adorable DIY Paper Ornaments ...


We continue our quest for affordable holiday decor with this list of DIY Paper Ornaments.

I have 10 here but I shall probably add more to this list as the 25th looms near;

I'm sure there are many ways to fashion DIY paper ornaments for your tree this year.

But let's start with the following, shall we?


1. Geometric


If you're aiming for that minimalist Scandinavian look for the holidays this year, this lovely DIY paper ornament is for you.

This is a simple origami exercise that you can do in less than 5 minutes.

Design variation: make yours in various colors!

2. Paper Strips

Paper Strips

These are simple paper ornaments that can add a bit of holiday flair to your home this year.

To make these, you will need cardstock cut into strips, thread or monofilament, and stapler.

You can add glitter along the sides of the strips if you desire.

3. Scalloped Ball

Scalloped Ball

This looks a bit complicated but really, it's a simple craft project.

It's a bit time-consuming, yes, but it's not very difficult.

You will need a die cut machine or a puncher for making these ornaments.

Of course, your trusty scissors could also be useful for making the base scalloped circles for this ornament.

4. Striped Strips

Striped Strips

How cute!

Not only are these DIY paper ornaments adorable, it's kind of cool that they look like spaceships, too.

The materials that you will need to make these tree ornaments are paper in two colors, scissors, needle, thread, pencil, ruler, and two beads.

5. Ball Strips

Ball Strips

This tutorial is similar to the previous one but instead of a spaceship, you will be making balls.2

Paper with holiday themed prints will be perfect for this particular project.

Hanging the balls in layers will look great, too.2

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