7 Adorable and Super Easy DIY Halloween Decorations ...

I love to decorate for Halloween, but because I am a poor college student, I am always looking for the cheap and easy DIY Halloween decorations for my apartment. You don’t have to spend a big budget to transform your house for the holiday. In fact, most of the time the smaller less dramatic decorations are just as effective for getting in the Halloween spirit. Here are my personal favorite DIY Halloween decorations that I plan on using to turn my apartment from cute to creepy.

1. Pumpkins

This might be the one of the most common DIY Halloween decorations, but that doesn’t mean you can't use pumpkins to stand out. Rather than the classic carving, try painting your pumpkins. You can make them scary, cute, or paint them any color you want to go with your home dΓ©cor. You could even use chalkboard paint and create a saying for the holiday If you do decide to carve it, skip the boring face and carve a funny message or image. Pumpkins are a staple of Halloween so it makes sense that they are among the best DIY Halloween decorations.